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The Faculty of Education at the University of Alberta features small class sizes, world-class researchers, and a student experience that is second-to-none. 

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  1. two women hugging

    Alliance Pipeline's Young Women's Circle of Leadership

    We have successfully completed our 6th year of the Alliance Pipeline's Young Women's Circle of Leadership (APYWCL) which took place from July 7 to July 16, 2014.

  2. Mark Templeton in his studio

    Making Waves as an artist and teacher

    When Mark Templeton discovered he could teach what he loves and share his passion for the arts, his whole perspective changed.

  3. Road sign saying "new career"

    Your Daily Approach To Career Management

    Your overall Strategic Career Plan is your route map showing you your final destination and all the stops and detours you might take along the way. These are career management tips shared by several education graduates from the University of Alberta.

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Inspiring Education Resources

Learn more about Inspiring Education, Alberta's long-term vision for our K-12 education system.

Inspiring Education